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Field Hospital/Staff Camp solution with VacuSanTM & HygieniserTM from Scanwater
This solution reduces the risk of catching / spreading Infections.
It safely treats human waste with the Hygieniser, killing harmful viruses,
pathogens and making the wastewater safe for disposal or transportation
out of the Field Hospital/Staff Camp.
Key Features are:
a. Field tested vacuum station and toilet systems
b. Low water usage giving less sewage (up to 90% reduction)
c. No gravity-system needed for sewerage transportation
d. Flat-packed cabinets
e. The system is scalable
Building the future together We have a
highly skilled Eco-Engineering team
will be living in water-stressed areas - WHO

By 2040, the world could face a 40% WATER SHORTFALL - UN
844 MILLION PEOPLE lack access
to a basic drinking water service
2.1 BILLION PEOPLE drink water
coming from fecally contaminated water sources
4.5 BILLION PEOPLE lack access
to safely managed sanitation
GREENERGY -sustainable & Smart city development solution
- Saving up to 90 % water
- Storm water treatment
- Recycling of nutrients
- P – recovery
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