GREENERGY Technology (Natural Based Technology)

Greenergy covers water and energy saving technologies developed for implementation to new and existing modern city areas. The concept demonstrates a strong focus on agricultural food production with zero or minimum transport, solar energy utilization, water saving and wastewater reuse, waste recycling, residents involvement and organic green UA (Urban Augur culture) for smart city residents.

For ScanWater this means:

• Water saving system

• Advanced grey water treatment system

• Waste water treatment and recovery of nutrients

• Biogas production

• Aquaponics system

The concept is flexible and controlled/operated with our own developed technological platform. The platform can for example communicate with WeChat or Apps, for example the technical operator to monitory system, for rest of people to check, how much of water the system has saving, where they can purchase safe organic food, as meaning time can encourage people saving the water, increase the life quality.

Our concept will not influence on peoples need for comfort, to the contrary it will enhance peoples understanding and social behavior. We see the potential for Urban Agriculture and the modern cities as the producers of nutrients and food.

Tech Features:

90% water saving/Phosphorus (P) recovery/Utilization of resources/Urban farmer/Recovery of Nutrients/Grey water Recycling system/Wechat or Apps (monitory)

Tech Application: Feature city development/Smart city development