Humanitarian Aid

ScanWater supplies humanitarian organisations and agencies such as the United Nations, the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement and INGOs with water and sanitation equipment. We provide the appropriate solutions at the right time to any destination around the world. ScanWater is committed to supporting our clients through developing new solutions in collaboration with them to meet the changing needs of the humanitarian sector.

Hygieniser100™ - Sludge Pasteurising Unit

Treatment of feacal sludge prior to controlled (or uncontrolled) disposal or treatment. 

WT200 Unit

Water purification system, 200 liters per hour.

VacuSan Toilet and Shower Solution

Ablution unit for staff camps and field hosipitals.


Water purification system, 1000 liters per hour.

EmWat 2000

Water purification system, 2000 liters per hour.

EmWat 4000 Kit

The Emwat kit produces 4000 L of drinking water per hour and comes with a storage and distribution module.

EmWat 4000

Emergency Water Treatment for 4000 litres per hour.

EmWat 15000

Water purification system, 15000 liters per hour.

Water Tap Station with 6 HiFlo Taps

Tap station with 6 taps for water distribution.

U-Can 10L wth screw cap

Collapsible jerrycan for water storage/distribution.

Pillow Tanks

Pillow tanks for the storage of water.

Onion (open top) Tanks

Open top storage tanks for raw or treated water. Sizes from 5000 to 30 000 litres.

Training Services

Our team is available to provide planning and facilitation at your next training event or workshop.