RO 0,5 – 10 cu.m/hr Stainless steel bracket (0,5 x 1,5) 100 kg

NOMENCLATURE: Unit, RO water purification, 0,5/1/2/5 /10 cu.m /hr

FUNCTION: A mobile container built in a 20`or 2×20`container. Method to provide a means to filter, sterilise and improve the taste of raw water from suspect sources.

DESCRIPTION: Pre-treatment system, RO-desalination system, Chemical cleaning system, UV-disinfection, PLC-system incl. sensor and el. System, Air-condition system, Raw water supply system, Inner/external decoration of container, Roof on container, FAT/SAT, training/documentation/Service

FILTER LIFE: Depending on raw water quality, but normally ranging from 3 to 7 years.